About Spires Creative Media

Since 1994, Spires Video Services, LLC has operated on an established reputation of quality and detail for its customers. Clients utilize the studio for their media production needs, whether it be big or small; complex or simple.

Established in Lee, New Hampshire by owner and operator, Jeff Spires, the studio has grown from a small wedding-based business in the Nineties to a powerhouse of media production for many Fortune 100 companies throughout New England today. Relocating to downtown Dover, New Hampshire, in 2005, the new studio space opened for consultation on video, web, graphic and audio productions.

In addition to commercial production, consumer media services have been a staple offering since the beginning. As home videos and photos age, the need to preserve the content for future generations is ever increasing. Video, film and photo archiving to DVD, Hard Drive and Cloud became the retail side of the studio. The studio has digitized and processed over 8,000 hours of home movies and 12,000 family photos for legacy preservation and easier viewing.

Over the past decade, Spires Video has created more than a dozen short films, some of which have earned prestigious awards at national and international film festivals throughout the World. New Hampshire boasts an incredibly talented community of filmmakers and the partnerships with Spires Video generate an exciting, yet exhausting experience that is filmmaking. Never the less, shorts allow for exploration and experimentation that hone the craft, which would be a more restrictive process during commercial productions.

In 2010, Spires Video Services expanded into Spires Creative Media, offering more robust media services that go beyond video and video related production. While the foundation of the business has always focused on event videography, client requests for website development, podcasts, graphic design, and audio-based projects were in more demand than ever. A simple name change enriched the scope of business while retaining the trusted brand.

With an ever growing client base and service list, Spires Creative Media is diverse and prepared to engage in most any project request. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business get seen and heard in an increasingly noisy world of media.