Preserve the Past for Tomorrow.

We treat every project as if it were our own family's media.

Home Video Archiving Home Video Archiving
Transfer VHS, Hi8, MiniDV and more to DVD, BluRay, Hard Drive and Cloud.
8mm & 16mm Film Digitization 8mm & 16mm Film Digitization
Convert old home movies into video for TV and Computer.
Photos & 35mm Slides Photos & 35mm Slides
Scan, restore, color balance and archive Family Photos.
Audio Conversion Audio Conversion
Turn LPs, Audio Cassettes, Audio Reels and more into CDs and MP3s.

Archive Family Videos

Archive Family VideosTransferring family home movies to DVD, BluRay, Hard Drive or the Cloud is a great way to preserve memories that won't last on video tape. Video tape has an average shelf life of 15 years, then you're on borrowed time. Digitizing the video solves the problem by stopping the decay and preserving the content for future generations.

Unlike consumer DVD recorders, we digitize your videos and then computer process them for the best quality possible. This produces a sharper image and better sound, compared to systems which copy movies straight to disc. We trim blank video from the videos leaving you with up to 4 hours of watchable video on 1 DVD.

Additionally menus, titling, and editing services are available, should you need it.

$7.50 / hr or partial hour digitized to AVI • Conversion to MP4 is $4 per video file • DVD: $30 per mastered disc, 4hr max; copies just $10 ea. • File delivery on USB memory stick or External HD starting at $19
FORMATS: VHS • VHS-C • 8mm video • Hi8 • Digital8 • miniDV • MiniDVD • Memsticks • iPhone / Android Video

HD Home Movie Film Preservation

Home Movie Film Preservation8mm, Super8, & 16mm films are your family's heirloom of memories. Just like Hollywood preserves its own 35mm film, we provide the same care and quality to your home movies. It's all done in house, in full HD quality, so you'll never have to worry about lost shipments of films.

Each frame of film is scanned, rather than video taped, preserving the highest image quality possible. The result is a flicker-free, evenly lit movie preserving family home movies for future generations. Once digitized, the films are ready to be placed on DVD, BluRay, Hard Drive or Cloud. Optionally, you may choose to have music, titles, narration & editing performed.

3in. 8mm / 16mm film reels starts @ $20ea • larger reels starts @ $0.40/FT (as low as $0.25)
[4k transfer available]

Archival Photo, Slide and Film Scanning

Archival Photo, Slide and Film ScanningPhotos fade. Film degrades. Slides projectors are hard to find. Processing your photos to digital images means memories are secured forever, never loose quality, and can be shared easily with family and friends.

At Spires Creative, we treat every project as if it were our own family's content. Materials are handled with care, stored and cleaned properly; attention to detail is embedded into every photo we process.

Printed Photo Scanning

Standard photo scans are done at 300dpi (higher resolutions available), rotated, color balanced and organized into folders as needed. The service comes with two discs: 1x data disc with JPEG format photo files & 1x DVD slideshow disc for viewing on TV or PC.

Scans starting at $1.25ea • Oversized (> 8"x10"): CALL • Volume Discounts Available each increment of 500 photos

35mm Slide and Film Scanning

Spires Creative operates Nikon 35mm Film Scanners which are built to scan slides and negatives at high resolutions (up to 2700dpi @ 12-bit A/D) for best archival quality possible. We perform a 4x pass on each frame, plus an infrared channel to digitally clean tiny specs of dust off the photo. The frames are then rotated, color balanced and saved in both an uncompressed TIFF photo format (great for prints) and a compressed JPEG photo format (great for web and video.)

The service comes with two discs: 1x data disc with TIFF / JPEG format photo files & 1x DVD slideshow disc for viewing on TV or PC.

Scans start at $1.50 per slide (as low as $0.50) • Volume Discounts available each increment of 500 photos

Digital Audio Encoding and Archiving

Digital Audio Encoding and ArchivingSpires Creative provides audio transfer services that bring your tapes, LPs, Reel2Reel, and micro-cassette recordings back to life on CD or iPod / MP3 file.

Today's technology allows us to not only digitize your audio, but to clean it up to original or even better quality. Light cleaning is included which can correct annoying sounds, such as scratches and tape flutter, low volume, and even reduce or eliminate background noise.

$15 / half-hour of audio digitized • $5/CD master • duplications start $5 ea.
Heavy Audio Cleaning and Editing is done at $75/hr